Jaclyn Essien is an award winning author who has two amazing books to her credit.

Jaclyn Essien is a self motivated lady who cherishes and values the mental and emotional health of people. As part of her passion for reading and her concern in the area of the human psychological makeup. She has  authored  two amazing books, her maiden book, "The Purposeful Adult" which won the hearts of many and was rewarded with the National Best Student Author award in the year 2019.

Jaclyn has released yet another captivating masterpiece titled "Surviving", she doubles as a Counsellor, Motivational speaker and a writer who is passionate about helping humanity discover who they truly are, how to journey through life in a purposeful way and finding healthy and beautiful relationships. Personal development of individuals is one key feature Jaclyn Essien believes in; knowing that an individual's mindset influences their actions, she seeks to help humanity develop themselves effectively to face life.

Jaclyn Essien has counseled over 200 people and having received numerous positive reviews of her work in Counselling she's poised in helping many others go through life with a  healthy mindset.  She was Valley View Radios Motivational Anchor for the early morning breakfast shows and is poised in helping humanity discover their purpose, pursue their passion and evolve into greatness.

 Jaclyn Essien as a content writer is the founder of   Quotes from Jackie an inspirational blog which is filled with great content that challenges an individual to bring out the best in them and enable them pursue their passion in life.Jaclyn enjoys reading,writing and Motivational speaking as well as helping people discover who they are is her top priority.