The Purposeful Adult

Jaclyn Essien , within the volumes of this book condensed the priceless observations and principles of life. This precious book teaches both the young and old how to handle the challenges and controversies of subjects that are shunned away from many for fear of being categorized as being “spoilt”.

She brings the eye-opener to educate and strengthen our faith and dependence on God rather than on some boyfriend or girlfriend, sugar daddy or sugar mummy. etc..

This book, in the light of where the church is, is a wakeup call. It is also a return to the basic fundamentals of Christian living. Jackie encourages us to grow out of childlessness into maturity, setting boundaries, making impact in the world that we are in, living and growing through adversities, amongst a few.

Written by

Jaclyn Essien, Published On: June 19th, 2018